For Some, Their Fifteen Minutes Never Ends

For Some, Their Fifteen Minutes Never Ends

One of the surprises of my recent trip to Vegas was catching an Andy Warhol exhibit at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. Known more for its dancing fountains, the Bellagio also has an art gallery next door to a panini shop, which I did not know about before. The Warhol show is small, but does a good job at displaying the different stages of his artistic career, including the fascination he developed for the American West late in life. Though one may not typically associate Warhol’s name with Vegas–he was such a total New Yorker–the juxtaposition is fitting, given the creator Pop Art’s interest in how the artificial in post-modern America is more real than the real. My only disappointment was the fact that there isn’t an exhibit catalog, just a paltry souvenir section at the exit, which you might miss completely, if you’re not paying attention–it’s that small. Nevertheless, go for the art! The show comes complete with a pre-recorded tour of the show.


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