My Secret World of Music

“Of all her father’s records, the one I liked best was a recording of the Liszt piano concertos: one concerto on each side. There were two reasons I liked this record. First of all, the record jacket was beautiful. Second, no one around me–with the exception of Shimamoto, of course–ever listened to Liszt’s piano concerto’s. The very idea excited me. I’d found a world that no one around me knew–a secret garden only I was allowed to enter. I felt elevated, lifted to another plane of existence.” Haruki Murakami, ‘South of the Border, West of the Sun’.
When I was twelve years old, I discovered classical music when I stumbled upon KUSC on the portable am/fm radio my parents gave me to keep in my room. The sounds were nothing like the rock and soul I was otherwise surrounded by. While I thoroughly enjoyed the music of my generation, listening to the strains of Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven for the first time was magical. It was like finding a hidden door that had been there all the time. And when I opened it, I felt suddenly cast upon a cloud, which took me to places that up until then lay beyond the horizon of my awareness.


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