It’s Raining Sharks!

It's Raining Sharks!

In the tradition of ‘Them’ (1954), ‘The Swarm’ (1978), and ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ (2011), Syfy and Anthony C Ferrante gives us ‘Sharknado’ (2013). A movie so bad it’s actually fun to watch. The acting is two-dimensional and over the top. The special effects, although done with state of the art CGI, are as hokey as anything seen in a 1950s drive in monster movie. Best of all, there’s no message, just a lot of action and highly improbable twists and turns. However, it could have been better if the filmmakers had turned their hints at extreme violence into an actual display of artistic mayhem, such as one can see in the work of Dario Argento or Yoshihiro Nishimura. Instead, Sharknado settles for a less offensive form of cartoon violence. Still, this movie was a nice break from the usual cooking, pawn, and vampy socialite shows currently clogging basic cable.


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