The Daimonion Whose Name Is ‘Technology’

I had never been in a plane before and I will probably never go up again. I felt foolish sitting in the sky with hands folded; the man beside me was reading a newspaper, apparently oblivious of the clouds that brushed the window-panes. We were probably making a hundred miles an hour, but since we passed nothing but clouds I had the impression of not moving. In short, it was unrelievedly dull and pointless. I was sorry that I had not booked passage on the good ship Acropolis which was to touch at Crete shortly. Man is made to walk the earth and sail the seas; the conquest of the air is reserved for a later stage of his evolution, when he will have sprouted real wings and assumed the form of the angel which he is in essence. Mechanical devices have nothing to do with man’s real nature–they are merely traps which Death has baited for him.

Once upon a time humans knew the names of the powerful spirits that inhabited the natural world around them, and treated them with great circumspection through prayer and ceremony. Modern humans have largely either forgotten these names or relegated them to the pages of folklore and fantasy. They, or rather I should say we, have replaced prayer with theory, and ceremony with consumption. Consequently, the powers that have dwelled deep in the earth since the beginning of time have become mere playthings for people who care more about money and status than with peace and stability. How many wars must we fight, civilizations leveled, or lands poisoned before we are finally satisfied that we have enough wealth and security?Image


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