“Mushroom-Shaped Cloud”: How Man Destroys What the Gods Create

mushroom cloud

6 years old in August 1945

[image source: MIT Visualizing Cultures]

“Human morality has atrophied. Humans themselves have failed to notice. It is impossible for anyone whose morality has atrophied to notice the atrophy itself. Just look at the many Americans who believe dropping a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima was the correct choice. This is a point of view thoroughly debunked on both logical and moral grounds, but most Americans have never questioned their belief. Proof of this human inclination extends back before the start of the Common Era. In myths the world over, there are tales of a god who, enraged at the sins of man, destroyed the world in a great flood. Innocent babies and children must have died in these floods, yet these myths never mention them. The gods these people worshipped committed genocide. Humanity accepted and imitated the actions of the gods humanity itself had created. In the name of a just god, they let that bomb detonate, killing every living thing. Of course, humans have emotions like pity, compassion, and outrage. But the range of events that can provoke these emotions is staggeringly tiny. At best, they extend to the national level. If people from their own country are killed, they may express surprise, grief, anger, and sympathy. But if ten thousand people are killed in a distant, far-off land, they will not be the slightest bit affected, particularly if it was their own doing.” –Hiroshi Yamamoto, The Stories of Ibis



  1. jkmhoffman · August 5, 2013

    Reblogged this on kjmhoffman.


  2. dunderbeck1980 · August 6, 2013

    Childrens images of these events are always telling as they don’t always fully process the cruelty of war and violence. I am not a spammer,but would like to share with you in this comment my own thoughts on this event:


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