Making Wishes In the Night

Late last night, though unfortunately not late enough, I stood in my backyard looking for shooting stars in the northeastern skies. As I gazed above for an unexpected streak of shimmering light, I found myself thinking about being 15 years old, when I laid a blanket in the middle of my parents’ back lawn and peered up into the night sky at about 1:30 in morning, watching the Perseids shower through the darkness as I made wish after wish. I wished for a girlfriend, for adventure, for life beyond the confines of my hometown in Pomona, CA. All the while, I played Boston’s ‘Don’t Look Back’ album ever so softly on the small radio/cassette player I bought at ‘Pacific Stereo’. Eventually, all of my wishes came true, although some of them took longer to fulfill than others. Still, I remember that night like it was yesterday. And I still get a little choked up whenever I hear ‘A Man I’ll Never Be’. However, tonight, when I go outside to look for those fleeting rays of starlight, I’ll be making new wishes for even broader horizons, letting my dreams be my guide in the night.


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