“Who, in this sorry world, can escape the darts of envy? The more outstanding a man is in the opinion of his fellow citizens, the more eminent and respectable his position, the better target does he become for the poisoned shafts of the envious. Oceans of calumny rise to hurl their waves of infamy against him. No reputation, however unblemished and immaculate, no glory, however pure, is above attack.”

However, one must learn the difference between attracting the unsolicited envy of others and seeking it out purposely.  The former is the unfortunate consequence of fulfilling one’s higher purpose by respecting the gifts and talents with which one was either endowed with at birth or else acquired through hard work and self-discipline.  The latter is the provenance of fools who have nothing more to offer than a bit of bling and an over-abundance of attitude.  If you have to sing your own praises, as opposed to others singing them on your behalf, then you know which type of person you really are.

Jorge Amado


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