The Under-Appreciated Elegance of Some of Our Smallest Friends

The Under-Appreciated Elegance of Some of Our Smallest Friends

You can’t go to New Orleans without visiting the city’s insect museum! At least, you can’t not go when your spouse simply adores everything about the six- and eight-legged communities. Actually, I enjoyed my visit, too. I’ve always been comfortable around bugs and insects, not to mention fascinated by their role in nature. The exhibits are educational without being too didactic. Moreover, if you’re fortunate to show up when the bug expert is available with an assortment of LIVE beetles and what not, then all the better. The Insectarium is a gem of a museum/zoo, which ought to be appreciated more, along with the bugs and insects. As a concept, the Insectarium has room for growth, namely more live insects, in addition to how bugs and insects have been portrayed in mythology, folklore, literature, art, and movies. Bugs and insects are all around us, and they’re some of the oldest life-forms on earth. The Insectarium is a fitting temple to honor their place in Creation.

[photo credit: David Martínez]


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