“This is a song about love, the shitty side of love!”

What do you call a band whose music seems genreless yet so familiar? For many who’ve grooved to the sounds of Team Spirit, you simply start making terms up to fit the experience. Labeled a “Band to Watch” by Rolling Stone, “garage-pop” and “catchy beats” are two of the more commonplace descriptions for Team Spirit’s sound, while a writer for last.fm spouted a stream of metaphors, describing the band this way: “Bursting with soulpower, Team Spirit’s music is a cocktail of Motown basslines, Thin Lizzy-esque duelling guitars, 90’s sing-along hooks, Glam beats and Chuck Berry feet.” So, how does Team Spirit describe their music? According to their Facebook page, they’re simply “Rock n Roll!” The founder and lead singer, Ayad Al Adhamy, exhibits a Groucho Marx channeling Frank Zappa persona on stage, while some of the hooks remind me of Cheap Trick and Weezer, which says much about their musicianship and songwriting abilities. Ultimately, Team Spirit’s music and stage personality evoke a late-70s/early-80s era of high school, which was crappy as hell when you went through it, but is now the stuff of jokes and good times. Caught these guys at the Crescent Ballroom, opening for Surfer Blood. They took stage by storm, got the audience pumped, and didn’t let the momentum go until the very last note.  Video credit: David Martínez, Crescent Ballroom, Thursday, October 24, 2013.


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