“The Pigs Have Won Tonight”: The Ancient Sin of Gluttony in a Postmodern World

Nine Inch Nails is synonymous with industrial rock and “March of the Pigs” voices the growing fear and outrage that the “new world order” the early-90s ushered was little more than a global capitalist machine. NIN symbolizes an era defined by the end of the Soviet empire, the first Gulf War, The X-Files, government conspiracy, and the rise of the internet during the Clinton years. It is also an epoch whose soundtrack included Rage Against the Machine, TOOL, Biohazard, and the Deftones. Following in the footsteps of Killing Joke and Ministry, only to blaze a new trail in which the intensity of thrash metal is reprocessed into a sonic wall of heavy beats and quicksilver tempos, NIN and “March of the Pigs” portrays a world beautifully rent asunder. Equally important is the fact that it is a world in which we are still living today.  Video credit: David Martínez, US Airways Center, Saturday, November 9, 2013.


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