“A Royale with cheese.”

[photo credit: David Martínez]

Will there be a 20th anniversary edition of ‘Pulp Fiction’ (1994) next year? And when there is, how many of us will be amazed to learn that two decades have passed? For many of us, Tarantino’s fourth directorial effort has become as iconic as the first two Godfather movies, Scar Face, Casino, and Goodfellas. Immersed in an array of pop culture references cutting across the 70s and 80s, the ensemble cast enact a story of desperate lives, criminal ambitions, and lost souls, all of whom are draped in memorable personas, uttering scatalogically infused bits of wisdom. “I’ll just walk the earth.” As for what’s in that briefcase, it’s the essence of every dream you’ve ever had about wealth and power, your secret or not so secret lust to control your world while making others tremble at the sound of your name. We all want a nickle-plated 9mm and a wallet that says BAD MOTHER FUCKER. So, do we really control our own destiny or is life fate or a series of coincidences? Maybe it doesn’t matter as long as we think we can get more out of the life we have, even if we have to take it!


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