There’s such a thing as a “new year”?

[‘Wall-e’, Pixar Animation Studios, 2008]

When I first became aware of that there was such a thing as a “new year,” it was when my parents taught me this phrase when I was a very young boy, maybe four or five years old. Upon learning this term at the start of what was supposedly one of these new years, I immediately went outside and looked around, scanning the horizon for some sign of something “new.” Since we lived in southern California, the sun was shining and the skies were a light aquamarine. What I saw, though, was what I’d seen every other day previous to this one, namely our house, our street, our neighbors. It was all the same. However, as I looked intently at my surroundings, I remember that I didn’t feel disappointed. On the contrary, because my dad himself told me it was a new year, I knew the sign of newness I was looking for “just had to be out there somewhere.”


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