Sea-Wanderers of the Deep: A Story of Whale Watching Along the California Coast

mother-baby-blue-whale-newport-beach Photo Credit: Mike, The Cheap Route

When I was about twenty, my mom and I took my mom’s younger sister and her family to Newport Beach to go on a whale watching tour along the coast. I remember the tremendous creatures that gracefully came up for air in an elegant herd as our boat, the Catalina Holiday, sailed slowly within a mile from shore. Were they humpbacks or blues? They were great and powerful mysteries wrapped in deep blue. I also remember one of my cousins missing the whole thing because he was down below, feeling sick as a dog. Haha!

Just as important, I recall vividly when we hung out by the pier, seeing all the people, many of them swimming and playing in the water. I remember watching this very pretty Asian girl in a one-piece swimsuit walking out of the waves. She didn’t seem to notice me but I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Then, suddenly, I remember the roar of excitement when a school of dolphins was spotted leaping out of the water, one behind the other.

They were heading northward, I knew not where. Maybe they were following the whales. Some people thought they were sharks and ran out of the water! But they were dolphins and everyone stopped to watch them. They were wonderful. They were like playful spirits that unexpectedly sprang from the depths of the ocean. I’ve never seen such a sight again, yet I remember it all like yesterday. Whale Watching   Photo Credit: Marilyn T Martinez


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