Definitely Something Here For Us: The Unexpected Maelstrom That Is ‘Cult Leader’

cult leader live

I discovered the music of Cult Leader in the best way possible—when I also saw them perform live for the first time. They were opening for Sleep at the 2015 Southwest TerrorFest. On Saturday, October 17 at the Rialto Theater in downtown Tucson, AZ, they were easily the best of the four bands that opened that night. Taking the stage after Languish and Goya, Cult Leader’s began with an explosion of hardcore intensity, which didn’t relent until the end of their set.

Video credit: David Martínez

During the intermission I immediately went out into the theatre lobby where all the merch was set and headed to Cult Leader’s table. I have to admit at this point that I wasn’t familiar with the bands opening for Sleep, so I picking up a CD from the display of goods I asked the guy behind the table, “This is the band that was just on stage, right?” He said, “Yeah, that’s their new album. It totally rocks!” That’s all I needed to know, I thought, as I handed over my ten bucks and walked away my new copy of Lightless Walk.

lightless walk


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